We are currently working towards establishing a local circus school / performance venue here in Tacoma. As well as starting a biweekly circus, flow, and fire gathering to be announced. We are also in communication with the city regarding permitting for the use of fire at these gatherings and all things are looking hopeful for the near future. More to come soon…

Come by and see what sparks your interest, ask questions! We are here to share, learn, teach, and play. Anyone interested in joining or participating as a photographer, observer, musician, spectator, or performance artist is encouraged to do so! Come revitalize the downtown Tacoma area during art walk and promote positive forms of expression with us!

Please read the rules and guidelines or visit for more info on these proposed gatherings.

And please consider showing your support for our monthly TacFire meetups our Patreon page @


Why we do what we do.

Our mission is to be a resource for the South sound community to observe as well as participate in various circus skills including fire spinning in a friendly, creative, and legitimately safe atmosphere to increase the awareness of and participation in circus arts while being a unique, accessible resource and creative space for circus jams, performances, and events in a safe and supportive environment to inspire and encourage the creative potential inherent in everybody!


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If you would like to join The Magic Circus team for events…

If your a performer, sponsor, volunteer, activist, circus someone who would like to be involved in what we do send us a message and if we are requested for an event that we can use your help with we will contact you. Please indicate your skill(s), location, and rates, as well as any other useful information. Thank you!

Shout out to Terry the unigeezer my old riding buddy!!

And thanks to the busking project it’s even easier to find and support buskers!

Click Here (for my busking project)

…Working on a few unicycles tours as well as My own series of tutorials of general tutorials that will be crowdfunded and viewer supported.. (more to come soon) However you can subscribe to my Youtube channel here to stay up to date! charities and fundraisers?

Up & Coming Events…