video gallery

Youtube channel

Promo Demo

Pyroterra pixel poi

Some aerial juggling footage!

One foot unicycling and juggling (Gong show audition)

snow and fire…

Fiverr Gig Demo

Fire Juggling unicycle

Accordion on the unicycle

ukulele on unicycle

saxophone on unicycle


Hanukka, festival of lights; 2016 Fire poi

Knife Juggling

Fire Juggling

Dragon Staff on Unicycle

Phlame Crew event

practice fire

Phlame Crew event

West Seattle gig

Phlame Crew wedding gig

Seattle showcase pixel poi show

West Seattle fire gig

new rope dart video

Los Angeles Hollywood church gig  (2 below)

pixel poi practice/demo

getting out to spin some more fire

maori beat blocking

Pixel poi on unicycle videos

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